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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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I support caregivers over 40 to stay open and celebrate self with Awareness ❤️ Good Habits🌱and LIGHT ✨

Life Energy Catalyst/Speaker/Bestseller Author/Tiny Habits Coach🌱(healthy aging)/🌞 Phototherapy Messenger/🧬😇Gene keys Guide

✨”No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. ✨Albert Einstein

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🌈All my service is offered via step-by-step evidence-based process from ancient wisdom ⛩that has been proven by modern science 🧬

~Earth Life Credibility~

👩🏻‍🔬BS Microbiology
👩🏻‍🔬MS Molecular Biology
👩🏻‍🏫IST certification Instructional Design/Adult Learning
🌱Tiny Habits Certified
🧬 Official Gene Keys Guide
🎙DTM Distinguished Toastmaster

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我是孫蓓明來自台灣高雄。美國分子生物🧬/微生物🦠碩士,作者,演講者, Tiny Habits 認證敎練, 及基因天命Gene Keys Guide導引者

融合強靭生命力及創造力,幫助我在東西文化交流的過程中,找到生命的意義: 用現代科學及古老中國文化為別人在人生路上點一盞燈!🌄


歡迎和我IG 中文連絡

Lifestyle is the future medicine

Bilingual: 🇺🇸 English 英文 US🇹🇼 Chinese 中文 Taiwan


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