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Project Stem Cell
Triality Remasons MetaMirror
Peoples Templar
NFTs.Tips OG
RarePizzas - Don Numbers

Accountant | Business Advisor | NFT + Metaverse Strategist | Auditor | Finance Tech & IT Systems Architecture | Mediator | Gaming | A & R
DJ & Producer | Multimedia | Art | Marketing | Medical and THC/CBD

🏛Accounting & Financial Management business systems & IT
💻Technology & Financial Architecture
🗝Start-Up Financial & VC Prep
💿London Dance Record Label Owner (produced & released the track Give Me Love)❤️
🎧🎛🎹DJ Producer
🎶Music Magazine & Web Contributor & Editor
🎬Creative Director, Brand, Print & Multi-Media Producer & Drones I need Clones🤣
🎳Marketing & Disruption
🎪Event Producer & Promoter & Non Profit Arts Foundation Community Leader
🏡Vice President of Home Owner Association (Buy out organizer of 200 homes)
📕Book research, edit & publish
🌈Undocumented professional (20 years for gay love🤪)LGBTQIA+
😇GoGo dancer in Heaven
⚽️🏉Soccer & Rugby Coach, Player
👾♟♣️Chess & Bridge Prodigy
🥐Food guru & gourmet event coordinator
🧩Ayurvedic Healthy lifestyle - Food for health, Yoga, Massage, Meditation & Preventative Medicine and lifestyle choices
Proponent of Non Violent Communication
Nature, Planet Lover - BE GREEN

My goal in life has been to expand my knowledge base and experience in business and in life and live and LOVE large!
I constantly evolve, reinvent myself with a great core foundation, and always working on new projects and helping others with their dreams.
I utilize my experiences in Business Advice and my Partnerships while I continue my Event planning, which feeds my soul, with a large SF Bay Area community based Non Profit Arts Foundation - encompassing collaborative, diverse, expression of arts, music, food, freedom, mental and physical health, awareness and consciousness with a group we call friends and family💓💜💓

Adversity should not hold you back, it’s chains are real and how to work with them makes you resilient and stronger, and journey to any success even if that is survival, will make know, respect and love yourself more (and then others) and empower you

Positions and Companies owned
James & Cowper Chartered Accountants
Whyatt Pakeman Chartered Accountants
Wagtech Int
Shafer Corp
Inertia Records
Silicon Valley Engineering Corp
DJ Essential Events
Northstar Production and Development

Bristol Polytechnic Business School
University of West of England

Santa Cruz, CA, USA based
England born

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