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Career TRUTH Seeker & TRUTH Facilitator & Teacher through PRINCIPLES, PHILOSOPHY, CONCEPT

Self-Image Psychology
Heart Centered Leadership
Servant Leadership
Thought Leadership
Effective Communication Skills
Clarity Who do you serve excellently?
Magnetic Marketing
Understanding of the Art of Selling

Do due diligence on Me, I have nearly 700 videos that guide you 2 $UCCE$$!

YouTube Channel is:
Manifest With SII Power
Hosts complimentary/free simple, basic, fundamental, and foundational teachings in my areas of professional life experiences and expertise 100% PROOF; no theory or guess work doing things in a certain order leads to victories, wins, and championship.

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your MIND daily; Be trained up in the way you should go; Through exact specialized training and Become a Pioneer, Trailblazer, Trendsetter in your zone of GENIUS or your field of expertise and excellence.

Coach Dwight Lee trains you in the modality of thought; training you to be a disciplined thinker with flawless execution, ownership, & accountability which leads you into optimizing and maximizing your 2 gifts of Mind and Speech through your mindset, skillset, toolset, action set, and most importantly your execution set you have to able to execute your specific plan of action your unique blueprint, mind map.

To inquire about working with Coach Dwight Lee, as a team to fulfill your Personal & Professional needs please email me at [email protected] let’s find out if we are a great fit as a team to work together to get you either your Desired Lifestyle or A type of DREAM LIFESTYLE.

To inquire about my email, 1 on 1 or Group Coaching; and/or to find out more about Dwight Lee’s Services or Coaching Programs with Mentorship inquire by emailing [email protected].

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