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Updated: Jan 29, 2024
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Songwriter, musician and teacher in Los Angeles 🌴
I create, seeking to connect the Personal, Political and Spiritual

My teachers include:
Rupert Spira
Michael Beckwith
Richard Rohr

Have charted college top ten
and billboard top 40
Played on the Tonight Show
Toured extensively in the US worldwide,
During 3 yr stint w/ Hollywood Records
Film and tv song credits include
High Fidelity and Smallville.
Forty+ tracks on Spotify
I am working on my fifth album.

.....single mom living w my teenager, currently teaching music to 600 K-6 elementary students on zoom a week with the school district here in LA.
Focused on, and loving being in service.
Life long activist, the spiritual is political.

If you hear me play a tune on clubhouse and you like what you hear, please feel free to donate. I appreciate it since this is pretty much the only live gig in town,
so thank you.💞
Venmo @SheilaNicholls
[email protected] to listen, learn and teach ...
as we cross paths never before created this unique forum which is clubhouse.

I use meditation as a spiritual technology,
To become the eye behind the I
I consider myself post atheist (that’s how I grew up)
and post religious
...and love to talk about that shit.
Rejecting anthropomorphic dogma to ask old questions with a different backdrop.
Like .... is consciousness primary?
Only ONE.

Gratitude is the secret.
Thanks for stopping by

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