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Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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Bangalore, India

Humility/Humour 😂>Ego😏.

Life's a marathon not a sprint, factor in the Karma.

When we suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, in our quiet moments of loneliness/solitude, when the curtains come down... it's peace in our hearts that we all intensely yearn for.

- Aakash Kataria


🔠 English: I will strictly speak in English to get better at the language. ✌️

🧗Treks: Join me on treks in Bangalore every weekend.

⚽ Football: I play every weekend, hit me up and join me.

🧘🕉️ Meditation: I meditate everyday at 10.30 PM on Clubhouse, join me. I've been at it since a decade now but hey Quality ▶️ Quantity! Reading science based material and books on this topic as well as ancient scriptures, as a long term project, join me on this journey!

😂 Humour: Love being goofy, egoless, friendly and meeting new people and making friends. So hey let's meet, pronto!

📚 Books: Reading - The Brain 🧠 by David Eagleman.
Top reads: Tao Of Physics, Breath, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

🎵Music: Classic Rock: 60's, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bon Dylan and everything of the similar kind. Kishore Kumar.
Podcasts: WSJ, UPSC Practice, Learning to play the guitar 🎸

📺 Movies/Shows: Movies, shows, infotainment, science shows and documentaries.
Comfort Movies -The Godfather, Seven Years In Tibet, Swades.
Memorable movies/shows: Peaky Blinders, Guide (Dev Anand)
Try to watch everything on the Discovery Plus App: Through The Wormhole.

🏃 Sports: Planning and preparing to do a Triathlon - that's a combination -🏃🚴‍♂️🏊

📱 Social Media Content Creation: I create content on Travel, Music, Treks, Books, etc at my own sweet pace.

🌏 Languages: Learning Spanish and Sanskrit as a long term project, join me on this journey.

✈️ Travel: Love travel, yes unlike others I mean it. I look to travel North India for a couple of months together and then move on to traveling the world. While I am at it, I want to really REALLY explore cultures, folklore, architecture, food, people.

🏛️ Politics: Centrist, Factual. Simple as that. Conflict-free which makes me apolitical as well.

👨‍💻 Tech: Interested and making a start in Blockchain, Coding, AI from scratch, join me on this journey!


Invited by: Rakesh Andey

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