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I believe in empowering people to excel in their lives. Enabling them to rethink on "what's possible"

* Certified coach in Transformation of mind, Life, motivation, social and emotional intelligence.
* NLP Master Practitioner
*. Certified Graphotherapist
* Certified advance level Hypnotherapist
* POSH Enabler Trainer
* POCSO Torchbearer
* Reikhi Master Healer

Qualification: LLB, MBA in HR from Symbiosis, Pune, B.com

Certifications: Life membership in Counsellor Council of India
NLP coaching received from Global NLP academy.

Counselling expertise:
Emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, insomnia (sleeplessness), fear, grief, trauma, phobias management, suicidal tendencies, overthinking etc coaching, mentoring to overcome these issues.
Relationship management
Post Covid: pandemic trauma n stress management.
De-addictions: smoking, alcohol, drugs and mobile.
Student coaching: interest check, SWOT analysis, goal setting n clarity, performance enhancement, career counseling and planning.
Self development,: increasing confidence, leadership skills using Emotional intelligence techniques for individuals, entrepreneurs, business corporate, organization, institutions.
Corporate facilitation: career performance, set goals, team building, increasing productivity, strategies to achieve the mission and vision of the business.
Women empowerment: coaching to gain certainty about self and a sense of emotional, physical, socio-economic, well being. Empowerment in all legal aspects.
💯% confidentiality always maintained.

As a coach, I never ever give upon my Coachee.

Awarded by Forever Star of India as 'The Real Super Woman awards 2021 in the category of Counselling professional, Empowerment Coach, Bangalore.
Awarded by Gems of India as'The most influential Women Leader Achiever Award 2021' for exceptional contributions in the field of Counselling, health and wellness, in lifting the spirit of women empowerment.

Conducted several webinars, online offline sessions, workshops on Mental health and awareness for individuals, Business entrepreneurs, schools, college students.

Contact for appointments on 7259032980
Gmail: [email protected]
Instagram: Shalini Balan_Coach
Facebook, LinkedIn: Shalini Balan
Website: www.punarlife.com

Languages to interact: English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu

Invited by: Djp Pd

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