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Human first, everything else after 😍

Human Design
Intuitive tarot reader
Medium and channel
Anatomiser of words
Embodied somatic movement/yoga
Studying religion on a wide scale
Inner Alchemy
Podcast: Being Human
Currently reading: women who run with the wolves❤️
The lost Gospel of Judas❤️

Love and gifts welcome through my PayPal as a wonderful energetic exchange

Cash App: MSmiley501

⚡️The energetics⚡️

Human Design: 4/6 triple split, QR sacral Generator
Gene keys: life work 49.4💪🏿
Astrology: 🌞Aqua 🌜Libra ⬆️ Sag
Life path 7🌙🔮
Cardology: Ace of ♠️🔮

☀️Things I love☀️

Anatomy & Physiology
New Orleans
Feminine embodiment

🔮mini readings CH only $22.22 these are short readings. If you have multiple questions pls book a personal. If you can’t ask in the room team it’s a personal reading🙏🏿. One question or general current energy.

- keep an eye for impromptu appearances…

Rooms will discuss tarot, spirituality, Divine feminine, human design, astrology and anything that empowers us to become autonomous and magnetic…

Room Etiquette: Be nice or leave - simple… All said with love ❤️🙏🏿

Full readings available via my website
My readings are solution based. For guidance to be optimised the devotion of time is recommended❤️

Payment for readings on CH via my PayPal or cash app


Join my Club Yoga by Design (first club below) for deep discussion on how we truly connect to our human-ness, allowing the essence of being rather than excessive doing ❤️

Your yesterday does not dictate your tomorrow 😍

Invited by: Pea TheFeary

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