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Food energy medicine manufacturing and building materials must be decentralized in order for us to continue as species. By building a network globally we can share ideas and solutions that work and learn from those who have managed to make just a sliver of that work. Let’s piece this pie back together we call earth and inspire others to follow.

I’m creating an educational foundation dedicated to training organic farmers in my community. Breaking ground on a 17 acre project situated at a 444 acre community park on the south fork of the eel river in Humboldt county California.

Actively working on launching a revolutionary Brand for the Cannabis Flower market promoting regenerative sun grown cannabis grown by legacy farmers oriented in the Napa valley of cannabis “The Emerald Triangle“. Like wine grapes cannabis growing regions have its own its own terroir. Within growing regions appellations are being developed which will ultimately benefit the small family farms.

I have opportunities in the 🌱 hemp farming and manufacturing space and am looking to build a team to grow a multi billion dollar fund for hemp built green housing developments in opportunity zones

Feel free to DM or Email me if any of this is relevant to you.

🙏🏻Spiritually minded, health conscious, motivator of life and positive change.
Entrepreneur * agronomist *cannabis consultant *regenerative agriculture *process engineer *slow food enthusiast *farm hack *seed junkie

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