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Husband, Dad, Educator, and NYC Jazz Musician

recently acquired a mandolin 😎

Club founder:

✳️ The Mandolinorian
✳️ Asian American Jazz
✳️ Little Jazz Piano Club
✳️ The Victor Show

Captain America mod of the once amazing CH group known as the
✳️ Live Piano Avengers

Venmo: @linvector
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Thanks for the support!

Founder/Director, Jazz at The Calhoun School NYC
Jazz Faculty, Columbia University
Faculty, Stanford Jazz Workshop

Everyone in the world is musical.

Teaching people how to improvise, and more importantly, how to be ok with their uncertainty.

Empower them to play whatever it is they want to play. The best musicians understand that music is a service to the community it lives in.

Music should be relational, not transactional. What good is an audience if you have nothing to say, or everything you say is self-serving?

🇺🇸 🇹🇼 Taiwanese-American trying to figure out what that means

Following Jesus but struggling to separate the white supremacy from evangelical Christianity

Your job is to make everyone around you better.

You make people better by listening to them, validating them, making them feel heard, encouraging them, standing with them, reaching out to them, challenging them, and above all, loving them and doing so relentlessly and unconditionally.


Ed.D. Music Education - Columbia University Teachers College ‘11
MM, Jazz Studies - Rutgers University ‘99
BA/BM, University of Washington ‘96

Disciple of Kenny Barron

Seattle -> NYC since 2000

Invited by: Andrew Chen

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