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Updated: Mar 7, 2023
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🎗Mayah’s Legacy - UK Registered Charity 👇🏽

We shine a light on the mental health impacts that follow a pregnancy loss. We empower and support families affected by this very personal tragedy and advocate for the care they need.

The loss of a baby, whether through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal death, or termination for medical reasons is devastating. Our goal is to break the culture of silence by awareness-raising and advocacy. 👇🏽

🚺 Goddess Hub CIC👇🏽

Emerge, Transform, and Become

Goddess Hub CIC use the S.O.A.R Approach Personal Development Program. This is a four-module program. Providing the community to access to videos, voice-notes, e-books, workbooks, and group consultation session during module 4.
The community will receive a guidance video over the duration of the programme. Taking mothers on a journey to self-love and unconditional acceptance of their own
individuality. This benefits the individual mothers in the community as well as their wider network. Improving emotional and mental wellbeing after experiencing the grief of pregnancy loss. Fostering a supportive network with other mothers who have experienced pregnancy loss, encouraging a sense of community to reduce isolation.

👩‍👦Mothers Champion
☕️Self Love Goddess
🎤Talk Show Host
❤️Self Love & personal Growth Consultant.
👩‍💼Service to Humanity
🎗Founder: B.I.G Charity
🔈Inspirational Public Speaker
👩‍⚕️Mental & Emotional Health Advocate
✍️ Author

Helping people to improve their:

💎Positive Relationship with Self
💎Personal Growth & Self Help
💎Inner Success
💎Living from within

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☕️Let’s create together

✅PayPal:Mayah’s Legacy

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