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🌎 Nova Scotia, Canada

College educated single dad who spent his 20s as a stereotypical single mom; raising my little girl after returning from Afghanistan and going to college.

Peaceful, mumbling, dry-witted, rambling, sesquipedalian, government critic, blogger, and sort-of-veteran of Operation Athena.

Ramble when I talk but my written word cuts like a knife if you cross me.

Sharp enough to have me MKULTRA'd.

Every move is made with God in mind.


**Need a lawyer or a journalist.

I have a Netflix-Worthy Tiger-King layered story of the stalking and literal attempts to silence and kill me that were covered up by Canadian police and my government.

- Police misconduct investigations x2 (New Glasgow Police Department & Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

- Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms violations

- MKULTRA psych torture in 2009 and 2021 in Police custody both times for false arrests.

- Was falsely arrested in April 2021 and June 2021. Was forcibly drugged in RCMP custody. They tried to disappear me to a "facility", a nurse slipped me a phone number that got me out at the last minute. Days later someone tried to murder me in my home. All the above was covered up by multiple levels of Police.

They tried to silence me for the federal election because of my words during the previous 2.

I worked in the Military Industrial Complex in war for a company hired by our federal government to replace soldiers and save money. Nepotism got me that job. That company swayed a federal election in 2019. They were scared of what I'd say. My uncle worked for that company and knew Ghadaffi.

They are worried of what I may know (I know nothing).

If I die, it was never by my hand.

The Canadian Government has made me a target and has allowed horrible shit to happen to me including forcible administration of intravenous psychoactive medication that has permanently affected my quality of life and will shorten my life (not covid related). Literal psychiatric (Nazi) torture sanctioned by the state to silence a pothead half-a-veteran blogger.

**Willing to read any of my official court statements in rooms if we get on the topic**




My art, Facebook Page, and most of my blog posts are just cover to bury the political content on the website. Truth buried in nonsense.



🖖👽 ---> Snapchat: justin_brophy

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