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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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“Therapeutic Entertainment “ with sister Donna Bernard…Join our conversation about how the day you were born determines your Personality Traits!!!

6:00-7:00 PM CST Tues/Thurs
Club: ‘What’s Your Birthday??? & What Does it Mean???

Read/Follow/Share our blog posts about Celebrities, The Royal Quandary, Athletes, Famous Bands and more at

Donna Bernard & I bring our brand of “Therapeutic Entertainment”
to 360 Talk Radio for Women
Listen to our weekly show:
“What’s Your Birthday”
Wednesday 6:00-7:00PM CST

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[email protected] Isaacs
Watch our recorded sessions that are featured on our blog and 360 talk radio ….and other special events like 2022 Super Bowl and our Birthday and Relationship Blasts.

I am the Host of ‘Jeri Isaacs Independent Music Hour’, showcasing Independent artists from Nashville and beyond, playing great music that most people don’t have the opportunity to hear.

Share your birthday and learn the Birthday Cards that influence your life. Keep coming back with the birthdays of your family members and friends to understand the dynamics of the relationships in your life.

Discover insight about yourself, your relationships and your careers.

Birthday readings use Playing cards
♥️ - family, relationships, home, romance
♣️ - knowledge, communication, learning
♦️- money, values, finances
♠️- health, work, spirituality

Jeri - K♣️ 2♠️ 4♦️

DM @jeriisaacs1 IG
Email - [email protected]
Personal yearly reports-$199
Relationship reports- $299

I interpret your personality, yearly and relationship cards.
Venmo @Jeri-Isaacs$Jerijewel
PayPal @destinywithjeri

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