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Updated: Sep 25, 2023
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“Freedom from the past is the best present for your future”

I guide women to live an authentic, intentional & playful life … EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

💕| RTT Therapist (Rapid Transformational Therapy).
💜| Certified Hypnotherapist
🕊| Soul Empowerment Coach
👑| Empowerment & Play Expert
🧠| Mind over Matter
💃| Inner Child Poet
⛓| Breaker of Cycles
🎙| Soul Empowerment Lounge 🎤| International Speaker 🔥| Certified Integrative Health Coach
👶| Adult Child of Alcoholics
🍷| Sober Lifestyle Guide

“SOUL EMPOWERMENT LOUNGE” my FB and CH communities.

🔥The ABC of Transformation
- Awareness
- Bold Action
- Consistency

❤️‍🔥 I’m passionate about enhancing lives of other women who are burned-out - assisting them to destroy self-sabotaging generational patterns and the blame, guilt and resentment that comes along with that.


🍷 I grew up in a family of alcoholics and fell into the mindset of not enough 😞 Found my father dead in his bed 💥 Lived a life of powerful pain before I turned it into painful power … and created my own life work helping other soulful women rise in their own power 💥

🎤Shared stage and was trained by the incredible Les Brown



DM “POWER” to get my ‘SAY NO NOW’ checklist to help you take back your time and stop putting others first.

DM “FLOW” to get my “Finding Your Flow” Visual with steps to “come back home”.

DM “CHOOSE” to get a free Musical Motivational Poem called “You Choose”.


What past clients have said:
“Better than years of therapy”
“I can face my fears now!”
“I am comfortable being uncomfortable!”
“I can say NO – without an excuse or reason!!”
“I can live in the present moment!”
“I can trust myself!”
“I don’t have to be perfect!”
“Where did this confidence come from?”


I host conversations in the SOUL EMPOWERMENT LOUNGE about:
💥Habit Hackin’
💥Women’s empowerment
💥Freedom from Fear
💥Leaving the Limiting beliefs
💥Saying NO to people pleasing
💥Alcohol Free Living
💥Life as an Adult Child

“Lessen up on the load, so you can load up on the Lessons”


Questions to ask me when on stage:
- What is your #1 tool to find near instant calm?

Invited by: Sean D Stewart

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