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20% of new businesses FAIL in the first two years, 45% fail in five years and only 25% make it to the 15-year mark 😮

Both running a business and buying your property are similar as you always encounter a problem you can’t fix yourself and need to find the person who has solution you need.

I’m a connector and know all the people that can solve your problems.

Everyone faces problems at some point in their life, be it professional or personal and its hard to find the people who can address them for you.

For example. when you want to buy a house, you need to check your credit score, find a property and unlock the funds to acquire the property (which may involve finding someone to buy yours).

However, you may not be entirely proud of your current credit score.
And that poses a challenge to you, because

❌ No one is willing to give you a REASONABLE interest rate

❌ You can’t find a property at the RIGHT price

❌ No one is willing to BUY yours at a fair price

What would it take to solve these problems?

✔ A strong credit score will afford you more attractive interest rates
✔ Selling your own at the best possible value
✔ Both of which would enable you to increase the budget you have available to buying your perfect home

It’s all interconnected, you need every link in the chain for the deal to go through smoothly and if one link breaks the whole deal comes crashing down to the ground.

If you’re building a home, you need to lay the foundation, erect the walls 🏗 and get the structure sorted before you even thinking about what kind of curtains would go with the wallpaper.

The same applies to your business

You need to find the contractors that can build a structure that will stand the test of time, find the suppliers that offer the best materials for your budget and eventually find the decorators that can make your vision come to life.

That’s where I come in

I’m the guy that knows where you can find every aspect you need to build a successful business, and bring the customers right to your doorstep 🏡

If you yearn to become a part of the 25% of businesses that not only survive but blooms and prosper, contact me at:

[email protected]

and find out how I can help you achieve this.

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