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Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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Co-Founder NFTYtoken.app rewarding artists for their work and advocates for their taste. Good judgement rewarded to promote quality in NFT marketplaces.

Everyone’s voice should be heard, but those with a track record of picking exceptional NFTs should be louder.

7 million Haitians live without electricity their entire lives. Worldwide, over 1 billion people lack access to basic electrical power.

They use kerosene or diesel burning in old Coke bottles. Exposure to these fumes is comparable to smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. 1.5 million people in the world die every year from burning in their sleep when these bottles get too hot and break or fall over.

PowerUpHaiti.com 🇭🇹 to buy one and provide one portable, hand-powered survival generator that needs no fuel, no solar panels, no batteries, and no electrical infrastructure. We are bringing these life-saving generators to women in Haiti who make less than $1 per day.

Families can produce power to charge mobile devices and light their homes. They can sell power to others to earn more money in a few minutes than they would make in an entire day.

Power Partners can make $20-$40 per day by charging phones. $1 per day gets paid forward to create generators and jobs for more women. Please help us spread the word. When you or your friends buy a Survival Generator, we can send one for Haiti.

Generate power in emergencies, when camping or off-grid situations, in areas with unreliable electrical power.

If you can’t buy one, please consider donating to this job creation program.

*Become an ambassador and help us promote:

🏖PowerUpHaiti.com T3MP3ST.com
🏄🏼‍♀️SusiMai.com 🌊UltraMarine.ocean

Everyone should stop everything and buy $1 worth of bitcoin on the cash app Venmo or PayPal right now.

And $1 of NFTyToken.io

Banks will continue to take excessive risk, bringing the world to the brink of financial collapse then get bailed out by taxpayers. Money the central banks print to bail out Wall St. will continue to devalue the dollars in your account. Use Bitcoin to opt out of the corrupt system of debt slavery, usury and broken money.

Invited by: Aisha Dew

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