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Influential since 1994. 🇨🇦
Environmental and Human Rights activist. Montessori teacher in training.

Writer. Poet. Future Author. Future accredited Montessori school teacher. Working on starting a club called Unconventionally Educational.

Current engager through
@UnconventionallyEducational (IG) trying to change the narrative around math through all 7 seven of our sensory systems. 🚧 👷🏽⚙️🦺🚜
(will be build by me)

Marketing is my passion. UX/UI design & Product Development. Self-taught web and graphic designer since I was 10.

Shopify Partner. Packaging enthusiast.

Entrepreneur. Passionate about education. Future educator, maybe?

Daily ideas to save the world, hoping it’ll allow itself to be saved.

Ballet is life. 🩰
I rarely respond to iG messages but DM me on Twitter and I will reply when I can.

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