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Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Thank you for joining “A Better Me” This club provides its members with a fun, safe multicultural community experience . This is for a unique collective of souls who gather for the sole purpose of personal growth , application of healing and healthy life style changes through education and discussions, also development through creative self expression and performance arts. Join us and let’s build together. Our A Better Me creator Michael Guinn has a Masters In Social Work. He is an

Join Every other Sunday Life of Eve hosted by Stephonia Roberts with featured entrepreneurs guests , Topics on herbs , mental health , health and wellness, astrology pertaining to plants , poetry, gardening and whatever else the universe manifests. We are here to shine light on entrepreneurship and encourage the vibe and energy

About the founder Michael Guinn. He is a professional poet, veteran, writer, events promoter, author, actor, wellness advocate & storyteller based in DFW Texas. Michael facilitates workshops & presents at conferences, symposiums & summits for young adults & professionals globally. More than 22 years experience with virtual events, film, radio and public speaking. Mike has featured all over the U.S. & Canada. Notable features: Nuyorican (NYC) and Da Poetry Lounge (L.A.)


Be Better! Be Respectful!

A Better Me fosters a sense of respect and appreciation for those brave souls who just want to listen and share. Have a room idea or want to moderate a room, please email us: [email protected]

Maintain A Safe Space

This club always strives to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all who enter.

Just Do You

“Your stories, poetry, songs, ideas are yours.” Everyone has different paths & purposes and we embrace the many varied degrees of creative self-expressions. Be confident in who you are. Just Do You!

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May 06, 2022 1,100 +100 +10.0%
April 08, 2022 1,000 +12 +1.3%
April 01, 2022 988 +19 +2.0%
March 25, 2022 969 +24 +2.6%
March 17, 2022 945 +36 +4.0%
March 09, 2022 909 +330 +57.0%
November 18, 2021 579 +2 +0.4%
November 01, 2021 577 -1 -0.2%
October 29, 2021 578 +3 +0.6%
August 24, 2021 575 -1 -0.2%


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