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The Gut Health Ninja
I Can help you fix your gut health problems so you feel better fast Master Moderator ✳️

Please DM me for more info about my services. ⬇️

🌟 specializes in gut health
☀️ Keto expert
☀️ Anti-Aging
☀️ detox
☀️ fasting
☀️ Brain Health
☀️ Weight loss & Balance
☀️ mold detox expert

⚕️Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

🌟Wide Diversity of Knowledge and Application of Healing Modalities

🙏Former Buddhist Nun with over 10 years of service

💪 Former Ad agency owner

❤️ Proud Mother of a successful, beautiful young man🕺🏻

💲Crypto enthusiast and investor

🧘‍♂️Skillful Meditator

🌸Gardening Lover

👩‍🍳Passionate Home Chef- Food is Medicine 💕

📈Serial Entrepreneur

👩‍🏫 ESL instructor with Emphasis on Accent Reduction and Polished Presentation Skills

⚕️Purveyor of Soulful healing modalities Including Flower essences and Homeopathy

🎗Fund Raiser

🙏Supports the restoration and rebuilding of Temples & Monasteries.

Driven to be a helper in Humanity

[email protected]

* All views and opinions expressed on Clubhouse are my own. Any health advice is not meant to heal, cure or treat you. You should always confer with your primary health care giver before embarking on any new protocol.

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