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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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💸Graciously accepting donations @

✨Mindset & Integration Consultant✨ with an expertise in🌵🍁🍄plant medicine, alternative recovery, and harm reduction

🌌Owner/Founder at Chaia Moon Multiverse, LLC

🔮Partner and Moderator at 🌹The Flourish Academy club on CH🌹
💡Join our club @The Flourish
Academy, rooms
Tuesday-Friday @8-9:30AM PST
➡️every other Tues- Chaia Moon’s Multiverse
➡️Wed- Cannabis and Entheogens for Women’s Wellness
➡️Thurs- Psychedelic Microdosing 101
➡️ Fri- Psychedelics 101

⚙️writer🖊, motivational speaker📣, master collaborator🤝, leader, teammate, and fire starter🕯

🌺I create content and programs specializing in achieving connection with oneself🙌, serious flow, and an attitude of gratitude🙏 to set you apart from the rest in your journey toward self mastery and creating the masterpiece you want for your life!

📲 schedule a 🆓 3️⃣0️⃣min Discovery Call to find out how we can work together!

🌟I’m an avid psychonaut👽 who wants to share the magic of plant medicines🍄 and entheogens🤑 to those who can benefit most.

🐙1/3 splenic projector📽, I’m Becky w/ the GOOD😎VIBES👌 I have personal experience with the paranormal👻and all over weird👾.

🫀Passionate about mental health🧠, LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈, Black Lives Matter👊, addiction studies, harm reduction, women’s rights, Pro-Choice, Anti-Circ, end the war on drugs🪦, 🏥rehabilitation over incarceration☠️, and many more, just ask!

💊Chronic pain warrior & Spoonie🥄navigating life with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) & fibromyalgia

💉 former addict & 🔼12-step survivor (it doesn’t work for everybody) choosing life & seeking a higher vibration🙌 existence for 7️⃣+ years 🙏

🌵Autism mama🧩 Adhd mama, homeschooling advocate, Cat mom😺, traumatic pregnancy & birth survivor 🤰, full-time single mom👩‍👦

🥗Vegan for health and the animals🐷🐮🐣🐠

📍Los Angeles, CA

🌻c[email protected]

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