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Founder standupforpassion speaker serie
Founder of humanava / Edtech b2bc
-Global Chief Happiness Officer/ (3) TEDx

Next : 3 juillet à 14hsur l optimisme
I am into keynote speaking, adventures, diversity and inclusion, stand up comedy, personal growth, tech start up, anything japan, native tribes and conscious parenting!

Surtout conférencier/coach/producteur d événements inspirants ces 7 dernières années dans 30 pays, on lance maintenant de #bordeaux ! une start up dans la formation des soft skills et intelligence émotionnelle en France en ce moment..

J’essaye d‘écrire mon 2ème livre sur la réinvention..pas sûr que je trouve le temps...le premier publié chez Larousse

Je suis dispo pour vos besoins en conférence inspirante ou coaching en #storytelling personnel

Tous les samedi matin à 9h j’anime une room sur CH sur le dev personnel/soft skills

Leading expert in #happinessatwork
Last 7 yrs, 300 missions/workshops/conf
On happiness/purpose at work.

Leading expert #personalgrowth / #storytelling

Launching e-learning platform for wellness and leadership / conscious tech open April 2021

Stand up for passion is a speaker series I took in 10 counties on stories of purpose and personal growth. Coached some of the world’s top Entrepreneurs on storytelling and to inspire on stage.
Coached 1000+ stories, e.g TEDx Monaco
Spoke Harvard, UN, World happiness Summit/ report, Axa, Google,..

Chief Happiness Officers trainer globally
Published book “mister happiness” (Larousse)
Member creative leadership THNK Amsterdam
Member Happy Tech, Paris
Former member of “assemblage” NY
Member start up leadership program, NY
Member EUCMA program, Beijing
Launched “French Tuesday”, Tokyo
Member Le Village by CA, Bordeaux
Former EIR, Capetown
Launched Happy hacking Days, Lille
Appeared Last Coming Standing, nbc
Best comedy film director, Monaco Fest
Speaker Tedx on happiness, Aruba
speaker Tedx on purpose, Maastricht
Speaker Tedx on passion, Lille
Speaker Harvard, Google, UN, Unicef,,
Host and coach Tedx Champs Élysée Femme
keynote speaker Harvard, UN, Google,
World Happiness Summit, World Happiness report
Graduate IESE in Media and entertainement
Graduate CIEE Japanese culture and society

Fan of Joe Rogan podcast, Jason Silva and Russel Brand. Those are my go~to guys for inspiration along the hundreds that have graced my stage in NY, London, bordeaux, Kathmandu, Tokyo, Toronto, Casablanca, Aruba,..

Invited by: Cedric Giorgi

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