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Updated: May 25, 2022
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Coach to CEO’s, Founders, High Achievers
🪞Get Confidence and Clarity
🔑Unlock Core Values and Purpose
💵 Scale Your Business without losing your mind - or your family

At the top everyone looks to YOU for answers and support
It’s lonely. BUT you don’t have to go it alone
I’m your thinking partner, support, connector, and secret weapon. 💪🏻
I’ve got your back

♦️25 years of entrepreneurship
♦️Degree in psychology
♦️Worked with thousands of founders and leaders across the globe

📢Featured on:
Today Show
E! News
CBS Morning News
many more

Let’s talk
⚡️1 on 1 Coaching for Founders and C Suite - Support Your Vision and Go For the Bold

⚡️ Breakthrough Vision Days

⚡️Vision Retreats for leadership teams

⚡️Team Workshops on Deep Communication and Alignment

⚡️Listening as a Leadership Skill

⚡️The Power of Curiosity


⚡️YPO, EO, HBS, Chief and other peer group facilitation and retreats.

💰Values and Purpose driven companies
- Attract and retain top talent who give their all for your vision
- Bring in aligned investors who contribute to your growth
- Turn loyal clients into raving fans

🥂 Results? 1 client went from 35 employees to 500, raised $100m credited to getting clarity and alignment on Values, Vision, and Purpose

✨ Life results? Calm, Clarity, Ease, Better Relationships.
And dare I say it?
Yes, joy

💎Compelling podcast guest

🕶 Created Mi6 Academy
Learn James Bond skills to get an advantage in business and life.
💎 “Tactical Mindfulness” is how spies and special opps win in chaos. Learn how you can too.
Best team event ever.

🗣 Talk to me forever about
▫️Leadership, Entrepreneurship
▫️Listening, Curiosity, Courageous Conversation, Mindfulness
▫️Health, Nutrition, Supplements, Bio Hacking
▫️the Future, Technology, AI, Cryptocurrency, Innovation
▫️Psychology, Neuroscience, Resilience
▫️Travel, Languages, Food, Wine

☀️My core values:
Wisdom, Grace, Connection

📚My top book recommendations:
The Four Agreements
Leadership and Self Deception

👏 ’Master the Inner Game’ club founder
Click the 🔔to connect and access all my conversations



🔔 I run rooms on the inner game of entrepreneurship along with Start Up guru @davidsrose and other greats.
What do you need to hear about?
Summer break - Our room returns in September.

Invited by: Nicole Patrice De Member

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