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I believe that life without pain IS possible for everyone. You can change the unchangeable - no matter your age.

(She/her) Coach, writer, yogi, kettlebell devotee, amateur baker, lover of lifting heavy things and 100% Body Nerd.

🎙 Host: Body Nerd Show

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Helping you get stronger, move smarter + feel amazing…without spending hours a day working out.

Exercise Biology 👩‍🎓 UC Davis

📍 Born + raised: Los Angeles

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What I talk and think about 24/7:
movement, wellness, self-care, women’s wellness, podcast, mental health, meditation, exercise, kettlebells, weight lifting, mobility, yoga, stretching, pain relief, pain, social media, entrepreneurship, small business

Let’s work together and get you out of pain (DMs open) ⬇️

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