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Updated: Aug 14, 2022
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Become THE leading sought-after health & wellness authority in your specialty. Skyrocket your impact, income & personal freedoms!

Turn your expertise into a high-impact, high-profit message and GO GLOBAL. 🌍 💥

Health & Wellness Professionals hire me to turn their expertise into a powerful message & get booked in top-tier platforms that NEXT-LEVEL their impact, profits, & lifestyle freedoms. 📣

Do you want to work less while making greater impact and profits? 

ONE powerful solution-based talk will make you the number ONE go-to expert in your specialty. 🚀

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You have everything it takes.

All you need are simple, but powerful, keys and a proven formula to communicate your expertise & solutions in a way that attracts premium clients and opportunities. 🏋‍♀️
🦋  I help put wellness experts in top shows, stages, and publications equipped for maximum impact.

Even shy introverts become power houses ... with ONE powerful talk seen and heard in key places.

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🎖 Specialties We SERVE:
Integrative Medicine - Longevity - Aging - Natural Wellness - Active Living - Nutrition -  Wholistic Health - Adventure - Living Well - etc.
#Chiropractor #Integrative  #MD #DR #Naturopath #Doctor #ND #DC #PT #Acupuncture #MentalHealth #ComplimentaryMedicine #WellnessProviders

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To give your expertise and solutions the voice and impact that revolutionizes your career.

🧩  My career and life are dedicated to ensuring everyone knows their health options by getting the voices of alternative providers onto the "global stage."
~ 🔻 Ways I fulfill this mission 🔻 ~
🦋  Founder & former Producer of the Texas Natural Wellness Expos™
🌼  Wellness Productions Co., CEO 
 ~ 🔻 PRODUCER of: 🔻 ~
👉   Wellness Impact Live™ | For Health and Wellness Professionals

Join forces with global wellness-industry innovators and influencers.

🔶️ An"toni"ette 😉 🔶️
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