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Updated: May 17, 2022


For the entire month of February, we will be Rewriting Black History by focusing on Building Black Dynasties™. Send an email to [email protected] for access to the Zoom room. We will meet at 7pm EST nightly to cover the 100-page workbook to Build Your Dynasty™.

PROBLEM: First-Generation Black Wealth Creators often feel frustrated and isolated because we rarely have anyone in our family to talk to about entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

SOLUTION: Dynastic Wealth Builders ™ is a community for First-Generation Black Wealth Creators to get the support, mentorship, and safe space we need to learn and apply the principles of wealth creation and wealth transfer....

OUTCOME: ...so our grandchildren’s grandchildren won’t have to worry about money! 🙏🏾

TAGLINE: Welcome to the family!! We are Building Black Dynasties!

The way Professor White’s teaching schedule is setup this semester (...🥴😭) we host rooms on weekends and holidays only.

In the meantime, your homework is below: 👇🏾

👀 Watch IGLive Nightly at 7 pm EST: Follow @meetprofwhite to connect during the week
🔔 Turn On Your Notifications: Don’t miss the keys to Building Dynastic Wealth™
📆 Sign Up For a FREE Coaching Call: https://meetprofwhite.com/livecoaching

PRO TIP: 📝 Alllllwayss bring your notebook when Professor White is on stage

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