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Updated: Jun 7, 2021


This is a meeting place for minds and hearts. ❤️🧠 For those who are creating the new world.
Business as a spiritual practice 💰📿
Business as regenerative - of people and the earth.🌍
We explore all forms of energy and spiritual work and how this can help us in our becoming. ✨✨✨✨✨

This is a place to explore the intersection and connection of all things: science, AI, philosophy, entrepreneurship, spirituality, tech and more.

We are at the beginning of the Golden Age. 🌟What is the world we want to create?🌏
How can your spiritual growth grow your business?
How can your business support your spiritual growth?

We value people of all ages and backgrounds.
Special emphasis on women 50 +++
We all have within us the ability to create more than we can even imagine.
This is the place to find your people to support you in birthing your vision.

Some of the regular topics in this room:
Brand Strategy
Spiritual practices and applying them to business
Women 50+++
The power of food
Working with the energy of the land and your homes

Regular Rooms:
The Wild World of Women 50++++: come and get to know us!
How does your business reflect your beliefs?
Sharing Ideas, Sharing Food: good food and good discussions
Brand Strategy: What the hell is it anyways?Unity Consciousness
The Proust Questionnaire

If you wish to hold a room reach out to me on Instagram or at:
[email protected]

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