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Updated: Jun 21, 2021


Stock Market, Football, Photography
Founder of Clubhouses 1st Fantasy Football League: The Clubhouse Champions League #CHCL1
Creator of Fantasy Gurus club

Fantasy Football 🏈
Co-Host ViperCast Youtube Show
Grpx Designer/ Writer
Guru Nation Fantasy Football
Twitter: @GNFF_Dynasty
Insta: @gn_fantasyfootball

Options Trader 📈
The Come Up Series Cousin
EYL Member
Angels + Entrepreneur Member
Stock Market Moves Member

Photographer 📸
WAY2MAJOR.COM (link in Insta bio)
Canon 5D Mark IV
Pentax 67 II
Music/ concert

Camera Operator 🎥
Canon Mark IV
Red Digital Camera
Arri Alexa

Los Angeles📍
Fatherhood/ Parentger 👨‍👧
Property Management 🏢
Comedy Enthusiast 🤣
Podcast Listener 📻
Fitness 🏋🏾‍♂️ Runner 🏃🏾

Invited by: Stacy Lemus

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