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Updated: May 20, 2022


This is a focus group designed to address, discuss and analyze issues relating to the cognitive framework of Black Consciousness/Black Collectivism/Holistic Pan-Africanism, African/Black Semiotics, culture, education, art and health. ***ATTENTION*** All discourse is driven by primary and secondary sources. Moderators determine who may speak at any given time. *If you do not follow Labtekwon on Clubhouse: you will not be added to club*


Respectful Discourse.

Do not attempt to suppress opposing views by speaking over someone else. If you are addressed directly, be patient and you will be allowed to make direct rebuttal. Cite sources for any claims of fact.

No Personal Insults.

You may attack ideas presented by people, but you are not allowed to attack people personally. Do not project generalizations or assumptions as character flaws in others.

Wait Your Turn.

Though some topics are provocative: be patient until your turn. In the case where someone is directly addressed, briefly notify the moderator you would like to respond to direct comments.

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March 10, 2022 1,100 +74 +7.3%
November 18, 2021 1,026 -2 -0.2%
November 14, 2021 1,028 +4 +0.4%
October 29, 2021 1,024 +5 +0.5%
October 27, 2021 1,019 +36 +3.7%
August 25, 2021 983 -1 -0.2%
August 19, 2021 984 -2 -0.3%


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