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Updated: Jun 30, 2023
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🎸Musician, 💵Investor, 📈media creator
Follow me on tiktok:quantumspace beverages97 snap:Trippychug
LinkedIn:casten Clausner
Cashapp: $castenclausner Venmo:casten-clausner
Speak Portuguese, learning Spanish
🧘‍♂️Support everyone, ❤️love everyone

I’m trying to network to expand my contacts and expand my position 💯
I will you help you out on your business.💯
I am here to gain a lot of insight so feel free to dm me 🤝
I am also here to research the next big investment💡
I am here to gain investors for my new invention💯
I am also here to connect with other spiritualist🙏🏻
I am here to help people and make the world a better place!🫀

I am an international business administration student and looking for an internship currently



🛠critical thinking

A soul helper, placed to help other souls by the grace of god to live
A spiritual evangelist

Join me in rooms to discuss entrepreneurship and science and variety of topics that will help us think critically 🌍🌏🌍🌍
Bem vindo nossos convidados
I’m passionate about all of this stuff including inner peace☮️
Starting up in real estate investing🏡
I charge $10 if anybody wants notes I got enough notes for you guys on anything with breakfast with champions.

If you need a meditation or someone to discuss your pain with follow me and dm me “Meditation” on IG

Making the bag tryna network
Email:[email protected]
Peace for everyone

Invited by: Harrison Raubach

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