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✨Spiritual Self Development Coach✨
🔮4th Generation Psychic Medium
🧸Inner Child Light Worker

👑Helping divine beings align themselves to their divine purpose through the healing of the inner child & connection to the divine higher self.

9+ years of Spiritual Readings
4+ years of Oracle and Tarot Readings

🌸Blessed with the gifts of:
✨Channeling •Clairvoyance
•Clairsentience •Clairempathy •Clairaudience •Claircognizance✨

💫Guiding divine souls along their journey of alignment so they can live their lives purposefully in their divine truth.

✳️Moderator of - The Divine Becoming Club

✨💕Donations Appreciated 💕✨
🔮Cashapp: $theempriestess

Zone of Genius:
👼🏽Inner Child Healing
💁🏾‍♀️Inner Divine Alignment
👸🏾Divine Higher Self Embodiment
🔍Empathic Discovery
💫Higher Purpose Identification
📝Powerful Manifestations
🌤Spiritual Awakening

Services Offered:
1:1 Sessions
🔮Tarot & Oracle Readings
👧🏾Inner Child Energy Readings
🙏🏾Guided Meditations
👑Inner Divine Evaluation
🦋Ego Death Process
🌟Intuitive Understanding
🌬Blockage Clearing Release
🧠Mindset Work
🙇🏾‍♀️Inner Child Aligning
💅🏽Self-Awareness Workshops

Early Childhood Education Major
Early Childhood Educator Since 2016

Upcoming Programs:
✨Divine Becoming Program✨
📚Learn Your Deck Masterclass📚

📖Book an in-depth reading with me on Instagram

📆Schedule a Guided Meditation to Meet Your Inner Child👇🏽

Invited by: Holly Kapp

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