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I help you to transform your business and your personal life. Award winning disruptive entrepreneur. Dr. Taaka Cash is one of Texas top 40 most powerful women in business, Top 40 under 40 and innovator. As seen on CNBC, Fox News affiliates around the country, ESPN affiliates, NBC-5, I-Heart Radio, T.D. Jakes Ministries and many other affiliates. Dr. Taaka Cash, DNP, MPH, PMHNP-BC holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and a Master of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Florida International University. She is nationally board certified as a Doctorate psychiatric nurse practitioner in psychiatry through the ANCC. She is board certified in psychiatry to prescribe medications and therapy.

I am a conduit, calibrator, connector, change agent. I bring harmony, inspiration and impact! I am a change agent!

Other things:
✅ Dallas, Texas top 40 most powerful women
✅ CEO/Founder of Privy Oasis, LLC™️ ✅ Military retired Navy
✅ Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority💚 💗
✅ Real Estate Investor☀️
✅ Hustler🔝 ✅ Public Speaker🗣 ✅ Mentor, career consultant and key note speaker 🔈
✅ Transformation Strategist

🌱 C21h30o2

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🌟Speaking Engagements

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💋CEO of TeaTalkWithTaaka: Normalizing mental health conversations that transform. Tell your story.
💋CEO of MakeItMakeBLACKCENTS: normalizing conversations surrounding increasing black wealth and promotion of sustainable wealth.
💋I AM THE Creator of the CLUBHOUSE 🎶 “Ping Yo Frenzzz”

Help is available: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline👉🏽1-800-273-8255

👉🏽Need a psychiatric medication appointment or therapy? 👉🏽[email protected]. Call 1-833-ONPSYCH.


🗣In short you do not have permission to record any of the content expressed in this medium and must have permission for use of content. ✅🖊

Want to be on our show👇🏽[email protected]📥

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