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Updated: Nov 26, 2023
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God 1st, Family 2nd, Community 3rd
Brownboybrowngirlreads.org (501c3)

Renaissance Engineer (tm) - 30 years of manufacturing experience. I have worked within every department of AAM except IT, Finance and HR.

BBBG Reads
* We will normalize multicultural books within the US and the world. While increasing literacy and financial literacy rates in urban and rural areas.
* We will leverage intelligent and practical actions to combat social injustice.
* We will leverage technology to provide creative educational solutions.

Get BBBG notebooks at all Meijer stores or @brownboybrowngirl.com and @Walmart.com! 💯%🔥🔥🔥

If you are open to new ways of making money or are interested in saving money on essential services (Travel, lights, gas, solar, cyber & home security, cell phone, TV, internet, etc). Text (313)-477-7188

Detroit, Kalamazoo, Portland, Nashville, Focus:HOPE, Global Empowerment and Phi Beta Sigma stand up!

Christian Health Care (501c3) - We provide affordable mental and physical health care solutions.

LLC Startup -
We are the Business Startup : “Center of Excellence” - specializing in the creation and development of Veteran, Women, Minority and Children owned businesses. With a niche approach to getting our clients products into retail stores.

We help create community focused business ecosystems, by leveraging a business life cycle approach “Art to Part” to entrepreneurship and business startup development.

We are anti legal business creation through document filing services - why pay for free services, and why pay for document filing that can be done for minimal cost without any added value??? My people (I.E. Poor Americans) are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. We will elevate communities through business education and mentorship programs.

We are a full service provider of Professional services (include but not limited to):
* Mentorship (partnering with SBA and other business development services)
* Business formation
* Business plan development
* Taxes
* Entrepreneur training
* Co-working Space
* Grant writing
* Lending
* Legal
* Health & Life Insurance
* Credit Repair - Personal & Business Credit
* Financial Advisor (Fiduciary)
* Retirement Planning
* Essential Services (Travel, Logo creation, virtual assistants, work phone, IT, Identity theft protection, lights, gas, cell phone, TV, internet, security systems, and business credit card processing)

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