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🕹Indie Game developer🖲VR 🕶AR
🔥 Burning man )'( 🍔foodie
💕💗💞 Polyamorous 🔋Maker
🎮Gamer 🐰still playing Pokémon Go
🌌Geek 🖖Star Trek 🚀Star Wars
📸Still and 3D photographer,
📡Ham Radio, (4X6NB)
💻Arduino, 3D printers
🛩Private Pilot,
🪴Window gardening
🎶theoretical musician,
🪗Accordion, Harmonica and 🎹keyboards .
💥 Licensed Pyrotechnics operator,
🪜Ikea furrniture assembler
🧪molecular gastronomy,
😂wannabe comedian
🎭Loves sitcoms and romcoms
🚀scifi conventions and comicons
🍆sex and body positive 🏳️‍🌈
🔗Cuddle Puddles
🙏Gratitude circles
🕺My playa name is Marshmallow
🍭Inventor of the Shawarshmallow

Join my club:
)’( Burning Club )’(
For chats with burners

Also opening rooms about (maybe clubs later)
Polyamory, open relationships, ENM, swingers, and everything
Unity 3D developers and creators

— following are notes accumulated in conversations in rooms here —

My video portfolio: (in a conveniently short, but still an unclickable link. That you can’t even copy. Just type that in... Why would anyone paste an unclickable link here even... ? but here goes . Oh, the Capitalization is important)

One of my artistic indie game (will make you feel something)
Uniform : http;//adventuremob.com/uniform

Other games I made:
Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure
Pizza Morgana
Star Shipping

I’ve built several worlds for BRCVR, one of which is Marshmallow Camp.
(There are tutorials at BRCVR.org)
Dry bio follows:

22 years in games industry. Founder and CEO of Adventure Mob, and Corbomite Games. BSC is computer science and physics and an MBA. (And half a masters degree in Astrophysics) Merage Foundation Fellow. Israeli Unity3d developer user group coordinator. Oculus Start member.

📝Forever battling an endless todo list, which includes the item "Update my bio”.

I intentionally left that typo there in the middle of my bio just so you’d find it.

Between gigs right now, hire me!
Love to connect on any medium.


DMs are open

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