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DM me for a free jobseeker cheat sheet!

I help ALL jobseekers & small businesses…My niche?

Helping jobseekers with disabilities and underrepresented populations target opportunities outside their network, create content based on subject matter expertise and get SEEN by decision makers. 👀

Jobseeker Webinar for educators + jobseekers the last Sunday of the month

Cost of entry includes:

⏺Pdf jobseeker cheat sheet
⏺Jobseeker ebook
⏺Webinar recording
⏺1:1 phone consult/access to ME! 😮
⏺Online job search support

Send me a dm for the sign-up sheet!

Strong supporter of people with DISABILITIES and UNDERREPRESENTED populations 💪

I also provide Linkedin Master classes, resume revisions, LinkedIn profile optimizations, decision maker company emails, content creation and more.

FREE PDF jobseeker cheat sheet available via backchannel or LinkedIn.

•Jobseeker ebook for people of ALL abilities now on SALE ➡️send me a DM for more info!

•Job search super hero 🦸‍♂️
•Career coach
•memory retrieval enthusiast 🧐
•Special educator 👨‍💼
•amateur jazz musician 🎷🎼
•STRONG disability advocate♿️
•Working towards a BCBA certification 🗒

•I am SEEKING companies to partner with/hire jobseekers with disabilities! 👀

Also seeking to partner with disability organizations for music/memory retrieval projects

What I learned from having a disability:

A disability is NOT an inability to do something...

I see it as an opportunity to go an alternate path to arrive at a solution

And it’s on this path where novel and innovative ideas EXIST. (Me!)

🧐Tip: less applying, more adding VALUE


I support people/small businesses with disabilities with content creation and finding desired clientele. 👥


Searchable job search service: https://searchable.work

Modified Music-ation: any song + any task for memory retrieval 🧐🎼


Any tune + any task ➡️ memory recall for people with disabilities
Seeking help for mvp

Pod-Abilities: adding value for people with disabilities (podcast/video series)

https://www.linkedin.com/company/pod-abilities-adding-value-to-people-with-disabilities 🗣

Interests: DEI, disability, jobseekers, adhd, add, LD, learning disabilities, neurodiversity, university, community college, disability resource center, DRC, TRIO,

My email: [email protected]

Invited by: Melody McGuire

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