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Updated: Apr 27, 2024
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Evidential Medium and Intuitive Specializing Healing Generational Grief and Trauma through Spiritual Practices and Methods

Connection to Spirit Frees the Mind and Frees the People.

💫🌎🌟 Author of the book, “We the People of the Land That Used To Be:Telos Revealed”

Get it here:

💜 We are on a journey to raise frequency so that a new world that has already been prepared for us can open its doors

💜There is a never ending story that threads this incarnation to all the ones before and after as well as from one person to another and this Galaxy to the next. Oneness and Unity is the Truth.

💜Psychic and Mediumship bring clarity and understanding .

💜Mastery of Self is Mastery of the World

💜 Personal Empowerment

💜There is no death and anything you do not work through in this life you will have to resolve in the hereafter.

💜we are on a mission to create Heaven here on Earth. It is up to us to do this.

Venmo: Energetic Connection: @Paula-Davis-104

Please attend the following podcasts available weekly:

Earth Shift Happens Now:
Monday 7:00PM Central Time

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