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Owner of the small brick and mortar business in my hometown, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Involved in Women Empowerment and Lifting lives. In charge of International Relations for Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Currently started health and wellness business, for additional fund resources.

🌻Compassion, Kindness, Love and Owning your Truth are the basic of the virtues.
🌻Trained to better listening, better thinking, better speaking . Strives, Thrives and Survives in unlikely situations.
🌻 A nature lover, respect’s the Mountaineers creed: Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints, and Kill Nothing but Time.
Makes grounding often by walking on the shoreline and soaking up the energy of the sun.
💜💜 the motto that still remains a very part of my core is “Virtue is a Quality which Highly Adorns Woman”

🌻Because of life trials, I become confident woman that I am today.
Claiming that this year will be a profitable year and shall be financially better.

🍀🌻🦋 Proud Mom who was able to do impossible because I have been to unimaginable life challenges.

🦋🧚🏽: My to go reminder : “Words are the costumes of intention.”- Eddie Brill
🌻 "Love is an Action"- Tommy Jackson

where to find me:

☘️✳️ Co Mod of Evermindful simply mindful/simplyspeaking 6:00am eastern standard time. 6:00pm South East Asian Time..💫🍀

Founded: Life, Love and Laughter Clubhouse out of curiosity (don’t ask me how i made Life, Love and Laughter room)

#Palorista sa Barangay Jologs:💙

🌻🌸: First Note Play 🎼🎶🎵
🌻🌸: Vinx Soul Kitchen


"And now you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." -John Steinbeck
"It is hard to be consistent when you are inconsistent." -amt
“We Rise When We Lift Others”

🌻👩🏻 🇵🇭

Invited by: Cris Vinson

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