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Updated: Mar 28, 2024
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Honorable Discharged Veteran
US Army Infantry Sniper 11B/C/D
1986-1992, believer of freedom & diverse democracy for all Globally

I’m mixed Indigenous heritage of Chibcha (Colombia), adopted Lakota ( Oceti Sakowin ), Italian, Spanish & German -Colombian born-raised Texan- traveled experienced nomad

One Love Vibration Films-CEO
One Love Tv (LLC) Global Founder- EP
Indy Creative Development

A friend of the Kurdish and Ukrainian People!
Happy Newroz! & Ba hiway rojeki khosh “ Have a Beautiful Day “
( Kurdish Kurmanji Dialect )
Slava Ukraine

Participant of New Hollywood Inclusive Community- Female & global multicultural collaborators

Developing 2 Features 2022-2024
“We Are Rainbow 72” &
“Lioness of the Mountains”

Former Publisher of Natural Mystic Magazine, One Love Lifestyles Magazine 03/06, 2010 & 2017

University of Colorado in Boulder 93/95, 20/22 Graduate & New York Film Academy in Burbank 2012/2014

Networker with various communities from eco-living, 1st Nations, veterans & live music events/ artist. I’m an essential social engineer in various platforms. A progressive moderator, tribal / village council facilitator

I sing, I inspire and I overcome my challenges! Deep down I’m an optimist and lover and seeking my partners that feel and do the same with out prejudice & ego.

Things you can not take to heaven but what you can do to help rebalance the force of humanity

Spoke to stages up to 10,000 at concerts about causes! 15 yrs later! Regaining my Speaking Voice!

Founder and Executive Developer of One Love Tv Global! Seeking strategy, business and creator partners

I’m a humanitarian Human that looks at all fellow humans equally ! It’s Up to Us to make a better world for the future generations !

Disaster Relief Member of

American Legion
VME-Veterans in Media and Entertainment-LA
VME-Denver Admin

[email protected]
For industry general
[email protected]
For business/industry

Based in Boulder Colorado

Doge Army-Space Force to da Moon

“My listed Instagram is full”
DM me here

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