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[VR / AR / Mixed Reality / XR / Spatial Computing / Immersive Tech - Explorer of and guide to PRACTICAL use cases]

🌎Now: Co-founding, exploring and mapping out the B2B/non-entertainment side of all things spatial. 👓🥽👨🏼‍🏭

🇸🇪2016-now: Researching, reporting, educating/advising, community building and evangelizing around VR/AR in Sweden (

📣📚✨ Excitedly turning my focus to the international scene. Want to join in building and sharing expertise on enterprise adoption of immersive tech? Or are you a solution/platform/service provider in the domain? Welcome to join the community in the XR4work Facebook group and Youtube channel!

💼🎞⌚️🍷🍺🍘🥟🥨Background in biz dev, media, IOT... and was once an unlikely food entrepreneur.

🤹🥁🎤🥋📖Juggling, drumming, karaoke, martial arts and reading enrich my life.

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