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Entrepreneur, CEO, Co-Founder and advisor for technology, cybersecurity, and blockchain, open-source, and open community in data, art & NFTs. Co-founder of a supply chain platform binding the provenance of digital & tangible items. I am passionate about transparency, accountability, and justice.

Business Strategist & Furturist For Industry, Storytellers, Artists, and Filmmakers:
*2X Sundance Grand Jury winner
*Producers Guild Awardee
*Blockchain design for Sovereign National Medical & Agricultural Supply Chain

FullGV is informed by the team's collective experience in enterprise IT, quietly operating a managed Cybersecurity services firm which works with some of the world's best known brands and high profile figures. Our first focused on professionalizing the utility of distributed ledger technology in entertainment and media, cybersecurity, Healthcare, manufacturing, and embedded systems.

Our team is building platform solutions based on our mature blockchain technology stack including YouBase, Cortex and Butterfly Protocol, as well as tangible provenance technologies that enable us to provably tether unique tangible items with unique digital items.

Over 30 years of experience in diverse roles and with responsibilities in industries where open source software and standards in technology were either created or leveraged strategically.

As an entrepreneur, leader, open source community builder, and executive that "gets his hands dirty, " always open to discuss opportunities to help people make phase-shift transitions as they scale their vision, pivot to new markets, or get liftoff from the launchpad to do world-changing work.

#digitaltwin #NFTs #Cybersecurity #Blockchain @youbaseio @Fortify24x7 #dApps #DataScience #HIT100 #HCLDR #PinkSocks #OpenSource Professionalizing the creation of art in collaboration with artists.

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