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Updated: Sep 27, 2022
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*If I’m in a room and don’t respond right away I promise I’m listening I’m just also working in a sterile environment 🙃

Cannabis scientist, cannabis industry consultant, and creative looking to better the world around us through peace, love and plant medicine 🌹

Brand ambassador for health, wellness, science, plant medicine and beyond. Trying to get your brand name out there? Hit me up!

Model for about ten years and will collab or have very low rates for the right creative projects so be sure to hit me up if you’re interested in working together!

I am a born and raised Jersey/Philly girl who learned from some of the greats on the west coast in order to help build a better more inclusive cannabis industry on the east coast. Let’s get people out of jail for non violent drug offenses so we can all enjoy amazing plant medicine.

Cannabis consulting company launching now.

Interested in Covid and cannabis friendly events on the east coast? Hit me up and let’s work!

Need a reliable laboratory to test your CBD, hemp, delta 8 and delta 10 products? Hit me up!!

To contact me:

Hit my socials - @morgancaitlin
My Patreon has some behind the scenes content with some cannabis content and information mixed in - check it out:

Send me an email: [email protected]

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