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😇What is my story?
In 1989, after struggling with anxiety for more than a decade, I found the key to the release of emotional and spiritual pain. I found A Course in Miracles and as I was reading it my depression left me. I found my higher Self. I am a spiritual healer/teacher. Transformation is my only function. We are waking up to joy and freedom of mind. Now is the time. Here is the place.

✅33 years healing minds. Deep mindset shifts to help you take more aligned action. Find your purpose and remove the blocks that hold you in limitation.

💕What I do: I access and align you with higher frequencies and your emotional/spiritual/mental bodies. Find the real purpose and vision for your life. Embrace your power over illness and depression!

Clients have:
✅found their real purpose
✅healed trauma and physical pain
✅created million dollar businesses
✅had a spiritual awakening
✅found peace of mind.

♥️ IG profile has the Linktree. Free breakthrough call is available.

✅Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life is my Bestseller in Educational Psychology and Energy Healing.

✅ First 50 Lessons of A Course in Miracles Program. See IG profile for the link.

The Alignment Keys. Live Events and private programs. If you are committed to your awakening and want to elevate all aspects of your life as quickly as possible. I am in service to your vision. My work comes from 30’years of energy healing and spiritual alignment. DM me for quick chat.

✳️The message: You are perfect and whole as you were created. Nothing you see means anything. Come on home.

💕5x Bestselling Author and a Master Mentor and Healer for transformation for more than 30 years.

🙏Join the Spiritual Awakening Club

☀️Heal Your Mind Podcast is to provide you with the tools you need to awaken. Would you like to be a guest? DM me.

🏡Maine and NYC.
❣️My promise: To transform 1 million minds. Heal your mind and body now.

Link is in IG profile.

Clubhouse Houses: Spiritual Awakening. High Achievers

I play jazz and classical clarinet. Masters in performance. Lover of life!
Follow your ❤️! Love all! Be at peace.


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