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Updated: May 11, 2022


Share Stories, Songs, Meditations, Inspiration, & Comedy! What’s on your heart? What’s needing to be expressed? Bring the devastating and also what’s inspiring you! Meets Thursdays at 8PM EST in the Spiritual Alignment Room.
Let’s laugh, maybe cry a little, and learn something from the stories we share to make the world a little more Unified! Based on the themes of the podcast, this club offers safe spaces to speak from & listen with your heart❤️. A place to reflect on your beliefs, habits, and actions and maybe create new ones to make a better world. We laugh at life, share stories of struggle, failure, & forgiveness. Let it all hang out, and let’s share from our most authentic selves. Rules: 1) Leave Your Resume at the Door, 2) Listen first, then speak, 2) Enter to Learn something & share something-even if it’s just laughter or quiet supportive energy, & 4) Always lead with kindness. You don’t have to be an expert just show up with an open heart to listen and or share a story that relates.


Before you enter....

Take a moment to breathe into intention before you enter our rooms. Ask yourself “What would I love to learn about right now? What is one thing I’d love to share? What am I struggling with right now?”

Remember the Divine Exchange

We are all here to share something and learn something. Listen first and then Share- even if it’s just quiet supportive energy towards each speaker and listener. Kindness only here.

Please leave your resume outside the rooms.

Please leave your resume outside. We are not interested in how many Millions you made in sales last year. We are here to be our truest most authentic selves and speak and listen from our hearts 💕.

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