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Hellooo Beautiful! I am an Author, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Founder and Queen Goddess Warrior of WEWIN Queendom! WEWIN stands for Women Empower Women in Need!

What if home was not a place but a person? Allow me to be your home of comfort where you can go to be joyous, at peace, and best of all free to be yourself.

Who am I?
•Godly connected!
•A mind blowing miracle who witnesses mind blowing miracles!
•Black Woman with a great spirit despite being diagnosed with brittle bones as a toddler and being mishandled emotionally throughout my life!
•A nurturing Mother and Grandmother AKA Badass Queen Goddess Warrior!

• Ceasing generational curses!
• Re-righting(writing) unpleasant and inappropriate narratives!
• Empowering Girls and Women globally!

If you’re experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1
National Domestic Violence Hotline
To get 24 hour services for abusive situations anywhere in the United States call or visit the website:
Voice (800) 799-7233
TTY (800) 787-3224
Text 88788
In Illinois call for relay service for the hearing impaired at 711
or relay anywhere in the United States (800)526-0844
Spanish interpretation call (800) 501-0864

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
International Toll-Free (24/7)
1-866-USWOMEN (879-6636)

If you’ve already given thank you for your generous donation. For those of you who want to help those in toxic “situationships” (domestic violence or human trafficking) who are seeking services after being physically and mentally abused and in need of relocating and other valuable resources and items please go to the following link:

CashApp: $4WEWIN
Google me: $Marvina_Sims

🎓BA Degree in English and Certified Domestic Violence Advocate

All Lives Matter
Brittle Never Broken
Massage Ginny
Labeling Saga
Duplex Occurrence

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