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🥇Claims to fame: Former DOE Prodigy (youngest at 16)

Women's Venture Summit in 3 weeks connecting female founders to funders!!!

My Philosophies:
Be a fountain not a drain!
Good for you not for me...

Brand Narrative
Strategy Disconnects
Sober 11 years

The things...
✔️Helping entrepreneurs with disabilities find friendly rooms who help accommodate them on Clubhouse
✔️Current, Fortune 100 Strategist
✔️1 of 7 Brand Narrative Speakers for that company that rhymes with Woogle
✔️TEDx on Social Media and Multiple Generations
✔️Forbes Council
✔️Crisis & Reputation Management for people brands
🖊📚I teach a Digital & Social Media Marketing Intensive 4x a year at The University of San Diego / Sometimes Harvard

👓😎Personality traits that give insight:
➡️ I don’t care how much you “sold” I’ll ask the real question of what was the NET. 😹

➡️I’m the kind of person you’ll meet in line at Vons that will end up your wedding

➡️ NLP doesn’t work on me so don’t try to use it to sell me stuff

Mexican, Spanish, Irish & Filipino

🌴🌅Based in San Diego (Offices in NY / Miami)

Current Work & Projects:
🙌Entrepreneur In Residence, Connect All @ The Jacob's Center
➡️Startup: with Scott Duffy
🎙Google Global Brand Speaker
⚒️Brand Architect
👯‍♀️SoCal Marketing Club (27k community)
😸Executive Cat Herder (I boss CEO’s around)
🤓Private Equity & Startup Advisor
📊Global Operations, Business Intelligence Advisor

💵💵💵💵💵Check out Maysbury Investments —>

💰 The Company We Keep:
Microsoft, LinkedIn, The Center for Respectful Leadership, International Franchise Association, Google ,Wix, NFL, Patron, Air New Zealand, Walmart Foundation, NSF, Athletes, NBA, MetLife, Tory Burch Foundation, Walmart Foundation, City of San Diego, Secret Knock

🎆Evening Activities..
Alternating between world domination and having the occasional ice cream on the floor moments.

DM’s Always Open 📥

This weeks asks to the universe:
💥Successful launch of Brandsynq created for Small Business Owners

💻 Searching for one project since I just wrapped a big one.

📚Sponsor a low to moderate income diverse founder with offering a workshop to our community

Invited by: Melanie Notkin

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