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🎙Host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast🎙

Masters In Science: Creativity & Leadership
Supporting leaders in exploring the intersection between
🌱Creative Problem Solving
🌱Flow States
🌱Optimal Performance
🌱Heart-Centered Leadership

Weekly rooms in the Psychedelic Clubhouse

Psychedelic Leadership Topics: Wednesday’s at 5-7pm PST
Microdosing & {Topic} Tuesday’s 6-8pm PST

—— 💜 Receive 💜 ——

👉🏼4 Psychedelic Playlists for Psychedelic Journey’s & Beyond
👉🏼Receive my Free 8-Day Microdosing Program

—— 💜 Offerings 💜 ——

1-1 Visionary Mindset Microdosing Mentor
High-level Plant Medicine Integration For Entrepreneurs and Thought-Leaders

3-Month Microdosing Mastermind (June, July, August) for entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, thought-leaders to tap into flow states, unlock creative potential, and influence real change.

I teach a psychedelic framework called the path of the Creative Visionary Bodhisattva to foster resilient, heart-centered leadership.

✨Keynote speaker
✨Leading transformational retreats for over 10 years
✨Exploring altered states of consciousness for over 20 years
✨Student of Tibetan Buddhism for over 15 years
✨Lived out of a backpack for 6 years
✨Business and life coach before it was cool.
✨Built my first online brand to 1.5 million people and sold it for 6-figures
✨Built a volcanic hotspring retreat center from scratch

Want to book your team for a plant medicine retreat off-site? Team building, creative problem solving, movement, breathwork, waterfalls, psychedelic experiences.

Send me a DM or email [email protected]

—— 💜 Trained in / Education 💜 ——

First and foremost trained by life, being a life long entrepreneur, world traveler, student of world class teachers and sacred plant medicines.

🌱Degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship
🌱 Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)
🌱Masters in Science: Creativity Studies and Change Leadership
🌱Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
🌱Embodied Leadership
🌱Leadership Mindset
🌱Science of Flow States
🌱Advanced Creative Problem Solving Facilitation for Groups
🌱 Resilience training through Penn State
🌱 Certificate in Positive Psychology from Penn State Online
🌱 Certified Yoga teacher
🌱 Certified Holistic Nutritionist through Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

🌱Exploring ethical investing in the psychedelic space.

Invited by: Dena Justice

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