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Brand Storyteller⚡️New Yorker Cartoonist 🖌 Ideation, Innovation & Communication Consultant📢 Speaker💡Certified Virtual Facilitator™️ Graphic Facilitator 🗣Design Sprints & Brand Sprints ✏️Award winning copywriting ✍️ Brown University (BA Semiotics) 🏫

KOLBE A 32103
Enneagram 7
Strengths Finder: Ideation (100) Intellection (98) Learner (91) Communication (91) Significance(91)

💡Stuck for innovative ideas?
💡Got a marketing or product problem?
💡Is your brand story blah?
💡Want brainstorming that actually leads to results—FAST?

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🐦Twitter @davincidiva

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The rest of the story:

In my checkered creative past, I’ve been a NYC street performer, a Madison Avenue copywriter & creative director, a brand strategist, product developer and copywriter for Tony Robbins, an illustrator of Amazon bestsellers, a lyricist and more.

These days you’ll find me offering my services as a creative catalyst, consultant, copywriter and cartoonist for clients in the cybersecurity space and other tech companies with hard-to-explain or otherwise unsexy products in need of a better story.

Companies hire me when:
🔥They need to elicit fresh ideas and innovation from their team fast
🔥They want to make a retreat or workshop more visual, interactive, memorable, actionable and FUN
🔥They need a killer product name or tagline from the creator of “Wait till we get our Hanes on You”
🔥They are losing market share to competitors with an inferior product but a more compelling brand story.
🔥Their product or initiative is technical, complex, or boring and/or hard to explain
🔥 They want to train their team on visual thinking (and doodling!) so they can ideate and collaborate better

Want to grab a virtual coffee ☕️ and see how we might play together? Go here to get on my calendar:

🎭🎤🎶🎬🎨🖌📣✍️Are YOU a polymath who has “too many talents” or gets labeled a “jack of all trades”? Watch for my upcoming book “The DaVinci Dilemma: How Multitalented People Can Get Focused, Get Things Done, and Get More Joy Out of Life”! Join my rooms on the topic and get on the community mailing list at where you’ll find lots of tips on our blog.

Invited by: Ray Edwards

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