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Updated: Jun 25, 2022
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L'humanité n'accepte aucune excuse pour des violations sous nom...
🗣 A free spirit, humanist, vegan, LGBTQ/women/minorities rights advocate.
🗣 Against discrimimation, racism, hate speech, bullying and labelling.

🌬️🐈🐕 Pet lover and animal rights advocate 🍃

⚛ I believe in science and free-speech.

🎼 🎶Composer and musician. Music runs in my blood.

🎨 Art lover, painter and sculptor. Award winner of many international and national art competitions.

🏗 Project designer and interior designer.

☯️ Interested in comparative religion and textual criticism.

⚠️ Being in a room doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with the topic, even as a moderator. My views are my own.
🌬️ I'm here to discuss ideas, not people.

⛔ To all clubhous moderators, this profile will be reported by people who do not tolerate criticism of religions, ideologies, a profile that defends human rights and does not tolerate hate speech towards minorities, and thank you for your understanding ⛔

⛔ This account might discuss sensitive topics to the culture of the Middle East, but all are basic human rights, including but not limited to discussion of different religious beliefs, freedom of religion, and speech.

Also, sexual orientation, gender equality, and the LGBTQ community. ⛔

Invited by: Mazen مازن

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