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Updated: Aug 8, 2022
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FX, Crypto, Akashic Records teacher, Spiritual Business Mentor. Flow. Former Chartered Accountant.💫💰

Originally from Scotland, then 6 years in Bermuda, now living in Australia, so that explains the accent. 🤣

I’m a truth & freedom seeking, consciousness online entrepreneur, speaker and dog mum! 🐾 I’m totally over the hustle and all about creating a life of FLOW.

I’m into all things health, high-performance, spirituality, magic, sacred visionary medicine, Tantra, travel, spa days, the beach, cycling, painting and of course my puppy Bella.

And for the Astro geeks I’m a Scorpio ☀️, Leo 🌓, and Libra ^^ and a 6/2 Projector in Human Design! 👌

I have been running a successful online coaching business for the last six years, and still do business mentoring, masterminds, retreats and Akashic Records trainings. In my past life I was a Chartered Accountant for 13 years. 😳

Due to the recent craziness, and after having to cancel my international retreat (Australians still can’t travel internationally! 🙄), I realised I had to get creative with the way I ran my business and diversify, at the same time I was invited to an opportunity to create an additional income stream in the online space.

So now I’m working with individuals who want to work from home (or anywhere, I was a digital nomad for four years), and want to break out of the old paradigm business model & create legacy wealth in the FX/Crypto space, scale fast and create global impact, whilst raising the vibration together.

Or some chose to just passively enjoy the amazing investment returns. 💰💁🏻‍♀️

My vision is to inspire others that have a burning desire to make a difference, do it in an easy, sustainable way, co-creating at the highest level, for an abundant life of flow, freedom and fulfilment, allowing us to give back to the causes we care about in a Big way.

And if you have any questions, about business mentorship, booking a one off Akashic Records Reading, or how to get started in the FX/Crypto investing for as little as $300US, just shoot me a DM me CLUBHOUSE on Instagram or check out the link below.

Jo x

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