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Updated: May 25, 2024
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🔸Film Distributor
🌎 www.LionHeart.LA
🔸Film Distribution Consultant (formerly for 15 Years)
🔸Award-Winning Producer / Writer

▪️Distributor for Independent Feature Films, Full-Length Documentaries, TV Series.
▪️Producer of Feature Films, Commercials.

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♦️December 2022 interview on Film Distribution today (free to watch):

Film Producer, Distribution Expert, and today’s “go-to” authority of how to get a film to market, Jerome Courshon broke open the distribution barricade to producers with his innovative program, “THE SECRETS TO FILM DISTRIBUTION.”

For 15 years, Courshon provided valuable strategies to Producers & Directors in getting their films into the top distribution channels, including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Lionsgate. Regarded as one of the world’s chief experts in independent film distribution, he tracked the ever-changing markets to present relevant, trending and successful strategies in his lectures and consulting.

Courshon currently runs his own distribution company, Lion Heart Distribution, to serve and provide an ethical option where Producers & Directors can have success without being ripped off by unscrupulous distributors. More info here: www.LionHeart.LA

✍️ Authored articles on distribution for many trade magazines & outlets, including:
MovieMaker Magazine
Indie Slate Magazine
Film Festival Today

👁 As Seen In:
The Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles Times
FOX Business
Yahoo! Movies
MSM News

🎙Guest Speaker at over 70 Industry Events, Film Festivals, Film Schools, Film Organizations, plus Radio Show appearances & podcasts. (As a solo speaker and on panels.)

🎥 Previous Work:
(Original Programming; HBO Films; HIP)
• Comedy Central
(Original Programming and Development)

📍Santa Monica, CA. (Chicago bred)

❤️ Hiking, the beach, yoga, metaphysics, poker, coffee, cats.
Sagittarius 🌞 Leo ⬆️ Taurus 🌙

💥”If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
– Milton Berle

🌎 www.LionHeart.LA

Invited by: Dawn Fields

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