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I live in a nursing home in Corpus Christi Texas. I use voice control navigate my phone. I used to use my nose and created some Music and art with my nose. After a recent scare where I could not open my mouth and my father nearly dying from high blood sugar, I decided that it was time for me to try and write a cookbook of my recipes that my mom liked and show the tips and tricks that I used to help my mom in not so many ways unknowingly lower cholesterol and lose weight and knowingly help her cut out sugar or at least significantly reduced sugar from her diet and introduce her to a healthier way of eating and lead me down a path of gluten free veganism. While trying to write down these recipes; I realized that I'll need help from some friends that may be I could get who would be willing to try the recipes, give feedback, and might be willing to send me pictures of my recipes that maybe these friends wouldn't mind being used in a cookbook. I helped my mom lose weight before she died from pneumonia due to complications of her rheumatoid arthritis which gave her rheumatoid fibrosis. I would like to help others the way that I helped my mom. Right now I have a blog with my spaghetti sauce recipe at
The link to my SoundCloud is on my Instagram.
I can't make music anymore because I can no longer move my head like I used to just like before that I couldn't even move anything below my neck, but I still have my voice. I used to do karaoke, but no longer use the phone app. I have chronic pain, but I will soon see a specialist who will possibly figure out my medical issues. It is my desire to be in a metal band because I love music particularly of the Metal genre. I do however also really love food particularly fruits and vegetables and veganism, and animals, and I really enjoyed watching my mom become healthier; I would really like to help other people become healthier just like I helped my mom become healthier and lose weight and become happier as she had to buy new clothes and received compliments. By following my recipes and asking for my advice on occasions, she managed to lower cholesterol levels and get off her cholesterol medication. Voice control only works when there is silence if I am on stage. If I am in the audience I don't have problems leaving a room we're leaving the app. I only have those problems if I am on stage as well as muting and unmuting.

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