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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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India’s Youngest Cannabis Entrepreneur 🌱

Founder & CEO @ Herbino & Nordlys

Jharkhand’s 1st Cannabis Hemp company working with a vision contributing towards reversing climate change effects by bringing quality cultivation, education, research and development of products as a sustainable alternative for today’s polluted markets

“Nordlys” - Fiber to Fabric! 🧶

Creating customised hemp fabrics for designers and home creators, while being sustainable and easy on the environment.

100% Hemp Fabrics, Hemp Blended Fabrics supplied globally to brands switching to alternative textile sourcing 🌎

📩 [email protected]

Currently building a brain that can help feed, clothe and shelter people around the world.

Working and learning to adopt Blockhain, DeFi and Crypto technologies at work 🪙


Playing with Hemp as a hobby and -

- Developed and Tested 100% Hemp Bio Diesel - carbon emission free fuel ♻️

- Prototyping with Hempcrete! ITS GREEN & FIRE-RESISTANT 🔥

Open to collaborate with innovators on more make and break stuff using Hemp 🪴


🌍 Solo backpacked around 13/195 countries 🧳 (also a traveler // not a tourist)

“The highest form of knowledge is empathy. See the light in each other, be the light for each other.” 🕉

Let’s talk Cannabis & Sustainability👇🏻

Invited by: Mariana Iacia

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